Occupational License – If License is Suspended Due to DWI

Dallas Lawyer handling the application and court procedures needed to obtain occupational licenses for those who can demonstrate their continued need to drive.


If your license has been suspended you may qualify for an Occupational License. You must show the court you have an “essential need” for operating a motor vehicle.

The legal definition of Essential need is:

(a) in the performance of an occupation or trade or for transportation to and from the place where a person practices his occupation or trade;

(b) for transportation to and from an educational facility in which the person is enrolled; or

(c) in the performance of essential household duties.

You will need proof of insurance. You will need to pay filing fees to the court, fees with the State of Texas, and obtain an SR-22 from your insurance company.

Once you have the above documentation, and the money needed for the filing fee, expenses to pay the State of Texas, and are ready to purchase an SR-22, you are then ready to go to court to try and obtain an Occupational License. You will need to hire an attorney who is familiar with the process to guide you through so you obtain your Occupational License. Most of the expenses listed above are non-refundable, so if you do it incorrectly, you lose your money.