Occupational License – Generally

Dallas Lawyer with experience obtaining occupational licenses for those in need:


If you have had your license suspended following a DWI related offense your attorney may be able to obtain an Occupational License if you have an essential need for operating a motor vehicle.

Essential need is defined as:
(1) in the performance of an occupation or trade or for transportation to and from the place where a person practices his occupation or trade;
(2) for transportation to and from an educational facility in which the person is enrolled; or
(3) in the performance of essential household duties.

You also will need to provide proof of a valid policy of automobile liability insurance in accordance with the Texas Motor Vehicle Safety Responsibility Act. The court then defines the hours, days, reasons allowed for travel. It also specifies routes of travel and will not allow more than 4 hours of drive time in any 24 hour period unless proper showing of necessity is shown to the court, and the court waives this requirement.