DWI – Adversarial System

Dallas DWI Lawyer – Defending Criminal Charges of Driving While Intoxicated:

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The Dallas criminal justice system (and all criminal justice systems in the USA) is an “adversarial” system in the United States. This means that the prosecutor sees his job as your adversary, and will “run up the score” if you give him the opportunity. Do not make the mistake of believing he will investigate your case on your behalf. He will treat you like a criminal, whether or not you are guilty. Treating you nicely is not his job. His job is to make sure the State of Texas proves its criminal case against you. Many prosecutors use the adversarial system to bludgeon criminal defendants into the stiffest penalties they can obtain under the law.

If you have been accused of a crime in the Dallas area, your liberty is at stake. You need an criminal attorney to represent your interests, to ensure the best possible outcome for your particular case. Don’t let the criminal justice system roll over you.

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