Driving With License Suspended (DWLS) after DWI

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Driving While License Suspended – Potential punishment range.

If you don’t get an occupational license after your license has been taken away following a DWI, and if you continue to drive, you are risking being arrested for Driving With License Suspended (DWLS).

Driving with your license suspended is considered a Class B Misdemeanor.

521.457 of the Texas Transportation Code covers this offense. You can receive a fine between $100-$500, and be confined in jail from 72 hours up to 6 months. The state can “enhance” your case to a Class A misdemeanor if you have any prior DWLS convictions (which means the fine can be as much as $4000.00 and you can be confined in jail up to one year).

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Better yet, if your license is currently suspended, call us to arrange to get an occupational license so you don’t get arrested for DWLS.