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Assault / Domestic Violence / Family Violence

Texas Penal Code 22.01 defines Assault. The conduct must have intent, be knowingly, or recklessly done. The conduct most often involves actual contact of some sort that is unwanted or conduct that causes bodily injury, but it can be just a threat of imminent bodily injury. Often this type conduct is a misdemeanor – Class A, B or C. If the assault involves a public servant (police officer, security, certain correctional facility personnel, or certain personnel involved in family violence cases), or repeat family violence can also be enhanced to a felony.

Assault cases are taken very seriously today, especially in the Dallas, Texas area. If you or someone you know has been accused or charged with Domestic Violence / Assault you need to take action to defend yourself immediately.

Some people are charged in physical altercations where they were actually the victim. A fight starts, someone physically attacks someone else. The person who is attacked defends him/herself. By the time the police show up, the police don’t care who started it, they just want to break it up and keep it from continuing, so they sometimes just guess as to who they need to arrest. Sometimes the police guess wrong. If you have been arrested for assault, and need someone to defend you, contact us, we handle these cases.

Usually most cases are swearing matches between people who have had some sort of disagreement that involved someone calling the police. The police will often bring up charges based on just one person’s statement. Our Dallas Assault Lawyers can help in these situations, even if you have been accused before.

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