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Administrative License Revocation Hearings (ALR) – Dallas DWI Lawyer

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In Texas, if your license is suspended for any reason you have a right to request an ALR hearing.

An ALR hearing is basically an informal mini-trial to determine if your license was suspended for a legitimate reason.

In a DWI case, a DWI Lawyers find an ALR hearing a useful tool to determine how good the State’s case is against you. You get to subpoena the officers and experts to the ALR hearing, and take their testimony. This is very helpful in determining what route you should take in your DWI defense, and what the evidence is that the State has, and what holes they have in their case. This is evidence that you likely will not uncover prior to the time of trial. It can help to keep you from being surprised, and can help in defending your DWI case.

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